Wisdom Wild | Waning half-lit Moon in Sag


Waning half-lit Moon in Sag

01 Mar 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky


Greetings of the  waning Moon now Half-lit
(exact @ 1511 pst)
in Sagittarius

Pause, review, release, reorient


The full Moon wanes and it is time to pause under Moon light and dark in equal measure.


Consider the ground you a-firmed and the flow you embraced at Moon full. Recall the presence of your stand and all the strength and wisdom and power that you hold.


Now under the waning Moon it is time to store the harvest and clear-away what is no longer needed. Time to tend to your tools, cleaning and honing them for their next use. It is time to integrate what has been learned and gifted, and to prepare for rebirth.


During this waning Moon time there are some ‘background’ energies to consider as well. They include a dance of relations between realism and idealism; dreams and reality; building and dissolving; authority and intuition (all this from Saturn-Neptune square ongoing). These could-be struggles are common to the lastQ Moon but are highlighted at this time.


The dance will intensify under the upcoming solar eclipse occurring next week with the Moon dark/new in Pisces (next to Chiron, the wounded healer, and Neptune, the great dissolver). During an eclipse energies also push to release the old and create anew.


Sagittarius aids us with truth-seeking ability and provides warmth and playfulness in the journey. Draw on this waning Moon to prepare for the well-supported opportunity to review, release, and realign. Welcome the healing cleansing of the deepening dark.


Gather the strength and power of All that you Be
Let your eyes soften on All that you see


Your makings and breakings
What you build, and what you release or dissolve
Gift it now to heart wisdom to wisely evolve


In the deepening dark and the great Mystery
Rest into Earth and let your thoughts drift free


Be nourished by the cleansing of waters and fire,
Trust in Creation to provide all you desire.


Rest and rejuvenate Dear Ones


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light

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