Wisdom Wild | Half-lit waning Moon in Taurus


Half-lit waning Moon in Taurus

26 Jul 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

160726_COMP2-merge-CROP_x385Welcome waning half-lit Moon
(exact at 1600pdt)
in Taurus

strength, faith, love & integration


Although Moon is waning, there’s a lot of momentum and  movement energy  being activated right now (Fire trine; 5 planets in fire signs). Yes, indeed, we’re ‘fired’ up!


Still, there may be some stalls and static popping up as well. Are you experiencing this? (Yeah, it may feel a bit like Mercury retrograde but that’s not it; there’s other bubblings that are in play). At some level it’s a bit of a dance between the “Let’s go!” energy of fire, and the “Let’s slow down and ground” energy of a waning Earth Moon. Be warmed and energized by the fire, and build strong Earth bowls to ground, contain and hold the energy. And, if in the midst of momentum you experience some stalls and glitches, take them as signals to slow down, silence distractions, and tune in.


Take time to pause in the space between light and dark in equal measure. The last quarter Moon invites us to begin to integrate all that we have learned, experienced, thought, felt, and enacted. Taurus calls us to draw on the wisdom of our senses to recognize and further imbue ourselves with clarity, strength, stability, abundance and love.


We are supported in all this by subtle illuminations and some magical synchronicity (Mercury trine Uranus tomorrow). Further, old and out-dated beliefs and practices that have been released over the last several cycles are continuing to unwind and fade away. The settling down of all the stirring up now allows a natural alchemy to occur within (Uranus moves retrograde Friday). Self-care, health and healing comes more into focus as we find more ease in filtering out distractions and the unnecessary (Mercury moves into Virgo Saturday)


Look into the light and into the dark for all that has been initiated and planned this cycle. Honor what is complete; and re-sort and re-view what is still in play or to come. Breathe in the abundance of love energy that is being expressed through this last light of the Moon (and last week of July) and be inspired by Earth, Air, Fire Water and Spirit and all the ways Love and Light is expressed in life and you!


In the space between dark and light
feel into the bending and blending
and open to rainbows of insight.


In the light and the dark and in between
reflect on all you’ve seen and all you’ve been


Honor all the jewels of you that are lit by Fire
and all those still nestled in Earth and
invite heart-Spirit to refine your enchantments
in the deepening dark as you dream into new birth.


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light



May you activate transformational fires within as you ground
and self-nourish in the deepening dark this waning Moon



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