Wisdom Wild | Moon half-lit in Sagittarius + Pisces Sun


Moon half-lit in Sagittarius + Pisces Sun

18 Feb 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky


Welcome waning
Moon Half-lit
(exact @ 1133 pst)

in Sagittarius


+ Sun now in Pisces
(exact @ 0331 pst)


Release, rest & self-nourish


At this Moon we are midway between the lunar eclipse (last week with Moon-full) and the solar eclipse (next week at Moon-dark/new). Early this morning Sun moved into dreamy Pisces, and Moon is now inĀ Sagittarius. What lovely energy for waning Moon time! (both mutable signs, Pisces calling us to Spirit; Sag to flow and intuition).


Moon in Sag warms the waters for our releasing and self-nourishing immersion. Time to make time and space to go deep into self-nurture, into inner wisdom and into beauty. Attune to the greater truth within and allow new insights to come of their own accord.


Time to put your arrows aside and take some rest
Time to tend to self and nourish all that is best


Into the waters, release, release, release
It is time to rest into sweet inner peace


Bathe in Sagittarius energy
positive, uplifted and ideal


Tune to all that is complementary and
embody it all at this turn of the wheel


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you nourishing ease and beauty this waning Moon





And a little more for the time…


We are 7 days from Moon dark-new, and 30 days from Equinox.

Now is the time to tend to the Earth of you.

Treasure the seeds you have gathered (south) and/or now await planting (north).

Let your dreams drift around these sweet possibilities, and feed the soils of your Being this Moon


Tend the soils andĀ  seeds of your heart this Moon



With Much Love and Light




IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Archer: cut & modified orig illustration by Arthur Rackman early 1900s | Fish background layer: modified photo of fabric by Gloria Castenada |
Other images: heart seeds: found on Health Wikinut