Wisdom Wild | Half-lit waning Moon in Gemini


Half-lit waning Moon in Gemini

04 Sep 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150904_COMP2_x770-merge_x385 Greetings this Last Quarter Moon (exact 150905 @ 0254pdt)
The half-lit Moon calls us again to attend to balance.


Breathe, ground and center
in the between moment of
light and dark in equal measure.

It is time to review and reflect upon the activities engaged this cycle. Time to finish up tasks engaged and gather up the gifts and learnings received. Time to integrate, realign and cleanse in preparation for new Moon to come.


Tomorrow Venus moves direct again. This opens the flow of creativity, love and money. Open to the flow.


Looking further ahead , this month brings much movement and change in the skies. Two eclipses – partial solar at the new Moon and full lunar at the full Super Moon. Mercury (in Libra) retrogrades mid-month, Saturn moves into Sagittarius, Pluto (in Capricorn) moves direct, and Mars moves into Virgo. There are a number of ‘opposite’ relations throughout the month so tending to balance will be very key.


Draw on the energy of this half-lit Moon and
re-source your self with the energy of dynamic balance.


Cast your arms wide and trust to the Winds
to release what is no longer needed and
to bring clarity, fresh scents, and new ways of knowing


Dance with the Twins
Light and dark both
and one together


Move into the Earth of you and
Embrace the deepening dark of this Moon time
Nourish self now with the feminine Divine



Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you deep balance & insightful nourishing under the waning Moon.