Wisdom Wild | Waning Moon Half-Lit in Gemini


Waning Moon Half-Lit in Gemini

12 Sep 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky

170912_COMP1-merge-CROP_x385Welcome Waning  Moon Half-lit  (exact 170912 @2325 PDT) in Gemini


release, trust, unfold


The “shift” energies are still in play and the work of releasing and letting go continues — initiated by the eclipse and now further encouraged by waning Moon, the coming change in seasons, and aspects of some other alignments as well (e.g. Saturn square Sun). Whether in the North or the South, there is a push to clean things up, get rid of what’s not needed, and prepare for the season to come.


Moon in Gemini supports our efforts with energy well suited to general maintenance, pruning, weeding and harvesting (yes, apply garden work to self ;)) And, while there may be some wrestling with what we can and can’t digest or accomplish in the moment, there’s also a sense of more ease and more stability right now (Saturn trine Venus). Let’s draw on this energy to help ensure that peace, beauty and our own heart-truth is at the center of all our integrative processes, wherever and however we may Be.


No matter what may fall away or feel jumbled, keep your eyes on the big picture. Remember and feel into your connections to Love, Beauty, Self and wholeness. Stay present and trust the deepening and the unfolding. Nourish the Earth of you. Surrender into the sacred alchemy and seed dreams into being.


Pause in the half Moon light
Apply all your senses to your insight


‘Tis only a moment in the cycles of change
A moment to engage, exchange and rearrange


Let go with ease and stretch to the skies
Let stars and dreams fill your love-filled eyes


Feel into your heart and open your hands
send love and grace-filled prayers to all the lands
and into you and the place where you stand


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light



Wishing you loving release and sacred dreaming this waning Moon







IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Prayer Beings: cut & modified from card | Aurora Bronze: from 1st Dibs after Joseph Pollet