Wisdom Wild | Waning Moon Half-lit in Capricorn


Waning Moon Half-lit in Capricorn

14 Apr 2020, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Waning Moon Half-lit (exact @ 1556 PDT) in Capricorn


pause, re-balance, re-orient, rejuvenate

At the last quarter Moon we are called to pause, regroup and reorient. The light is waning and it is time to clean up, clear away, and prepare space for reflection and some time out. It is time to review, revise, release and realign. Time to slow, balance, and nourish in preparation for the new Moon to come.


Capricorn Moon increases our awareness of the need for structure, discipline, and organization (strengthened by two other planets in Capricorn). Under hir influence, we have strong support for pruning away, grafting new possibilities, and rooting deeply. She turns our attention to the practical and to building sustainable foundations. Aries Sun urges us to lay the groundwork for the year (with additional support/push from Saturn inAqua). Both Sun and Moon are in cardinal signs which heightens the call for more balance in our lives. Together they seek the best organizational structures, old and new.


Yes, sounds like a reflection on the challenging times we are in and the need for diligent attention to balance. We are encouraged to explore new territories (Uranus influence), new structures and new ways (Mars-Venus) but are cautioned about over-doing (effect of restless Jup-Pluto energy). It is indeed a time to shelter in place and stay close to centre. Draw on Aries Fire energy to attend to what needs doing. Draw on the strength and steadiness of Earth energy (4 planets in Earth signs, 3 in Cap) to help ground actions. Open to the calm of slowing and to a powerful healing time (Merc-Chiron).


It is time to make time for rest and self-nourishing. Time to tune within and invite wisdom to flow. Time to enjoy Nature. Time for delight and magick (Merc in Aries). Time to empower your dreaming in the feminine deep.


Waning Moon calls us to release, let go
Time to pause, realign, balance and slow


If there are stories that confound
Release them now, let them be unbound


Trust wisdom to help you to prepare
Time to nourish your sacred prayers


Feel into Earth beneath your feet
Dream into all that makes Life sweet


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you spaciousness, rest, sacred nourishment and
sweet dreamings this Moon









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