Wisdom Wild | Waning Moon Half-lit in Aries


Waning Moon Half-lit in Aries

12 Jul 2020, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Waning Moon Half-lit (exact @ 1629 PDT)   in Aries


… balance, reflect, release, rejuvenate… 


Waning Moon calls us to slow, wind down and move inward. Half-lit she calls us into balance. It is time to pause. Time to reflect upon the learning of this cycle and release what does not serve. Time to re-integrate and clear the way for nourishing self-care in the deepening Moon dark.


The call to balance and find harmony is intensified by Sun and Moon in signs ‘opposite’ their core natures. We are urged to seek the cooperative powers of opposites: feminine/masculine; feeling/acting; Water/Fire. Aries (masculine, acting, Fire) brings movement, boldness and fearlessness. Cancer (feminine, feeling, Water) brings compassion, healthy sensitivity and unconditional love. Together they teach us about peace, cooperation and creating harmony.


Opportunities to work with these teachings have been provided often over the past many weeks. The energy is somewhat lighter now (esp post eclipse cycle) and we are blessed with renewed clarity (Merc now direct). It is the waning time but the dominance of cardinal energy (9/11 planets in cardinal signs) brings a pull to initiate (esp w/ Aries Moon); it signals the need to re-center and realign. Supportive positions and alignments give us greater access to Spirit; positively heighten sensitivity; and we are able to open our hearts more widely and dissolve residual blocks more easily now (Sun-Neptune trine). It’s a time of powerful healing, and a time to attend our inner child (Chiron Rx as of yesterday).


Time for reflection, self-nourishment and compassion. Time to be cleansed by the Waters (Cancer) and warmed by the Fire (Aries). Time to remember and deepen our sense of connectedness (Sun-Neptune). Time to feel into Light and joy and surrender into the feminine deep.


Fire and Water meet at Moon half-lit
To harmony we are called to commit


Tune into your inner Fire
Focus on all that inspires


Essence, Light and heart-felt joy
Make these your most precious toys


Time to create a new lease
Time to nourish inner peace


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you find nourishing peace in the Waters
& be inspired by your inner Fire this Moon









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Main Image: Ram: cut & modified image; photog unknown (Zuckerman?) | Honeysuckle: cut & modified from Wilson Brosdan Gardens