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Last Q in Virgo

14 Dec 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

141214_comp2x385Greetings of the Last Quarter Moon in earthy Virgo (Thank the goddess!)


A lot has been and is going on and, for me at least, much has happened since my last post to you. I’m wondering how things have been for you.


Have you been feeling the effects of the Uranus-Pluto square (exact Dec 14/15)? Uranus represents change, invention, revolution and higher awareness; effects can be … unpredictable. Pluto represents global transformation and renewal. Sound familiar? This is the 6th of 7 U-P squares that began June 2012 (the 7th ahead in Mar 2015).


Yes, more change-making energy (we’re not done yet ;)) This is a time of possible abrupt shifts and spontaneous changes that can result in breakdowns, break-ups and/or breakthroughs. For me, as if right on cue, travels were interrupted by van breakdown enroute resulting in an extended tow and an extended stay while awaiting repair – of transmission seal, torque converter, coolant pipe, and yes, a tire too. Surprise, surprise, surprise. And… yippee! An adventure; opportunities for problem-based learning; and a calling for reflection and pause.


Great support for reflection and pause from the waning Moon and from Jupiter as well (retrograde as of Dec 8). With Jupiter retrograde the next 4 months we get to re-learn, re-travel, re-experience, and re-consider our journey, purpose, old roads, alternate routes, and the best path to continue upon. What wonderful undertakings for this time! (And how ‘explicit’ the message is echoed and carried by the van experience ;) More stories perhaps another time.)


As Jupiter stands still, consider standing still too. Take a break. Take a moment under the half lit waning Moon to pause. Embrace the moment.


It is time now as the Moon wanes to clear the plate, close out the old and let go. Find gratitude for all the current blessings. Gratitude for stalls and detours that help create pause and change. Ground. Accept. Release. Flow. Breathe. Prepare now for Moon dark at Solstice. Listen to your Heartsong and, as always,


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light