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June & Moon

14 Jun 2013, by Fiona in moon&sky, theme

Hello Dear Ones!

It’s been almost a week since the June & Moon call. Thanks to everyone who came and for the sharings. I wanted to edit the recording so that others interested in the information portion of the call could receive it too but… well, it seems I have some resistance to exploring/testing/learning audio editing software :) and time is passing.

I feel this June to be an important time for us and would like to share the messages that may help serve as guides for you/us.  So, especially as the moon is waxing with the quarter on Sunday, Solstice is on Thurs (June 20) followed by full moon on Sunday, I thought I’d find a few words of the story.

Key theme for June: TRANSITION.  Many of us may have been reeling from the high energies of the 3 eclipses and the manifesting lessons of May: attending to issues inspiring choices for change;  facing truths about old beliefs, assimilating choices and changes, working through logjams, inspired by possibilities. Whatever the experience, this is transition time.

Transition is about shifting out of one situation or way of being and entering into a new situation or way of being.  June is about the time between past and future. The time between completion and new beginning.

Be clear about what you are transitioning out of; pull energy out of the old/as usual and allow for the new energy or pattern or solidify. Work proactively to break patterns that no longer serve; trust what is to come (even if you’re not sure what it is yet). Release with gratitude the gifts of the past; be open and receptive to that which is coming into being. MAKE SPACE for this; consider what expansion means…

Gemini calls us to embrace all forms of duality: past/future; conscious/unconscious; love/hate; me/you; trust/doubt. The flexibility of air supports us in integrating, synthesizing and transmuting the differences into new perceptions.  There’s also something called a ‘Water Grand Trine’ that strongly supports the feminine, receptive, fluid and inner-wisdom aspects of our nature. It offers us respite and a period of ease & grace. The Grand Trine supports our experience of being in sync, in flow w/ life. Yes, you may feel unfocused or be challenged to get things done, but that’s really kinda the point.;)

Be clear about what you want to create and experience, about what you are transitioning into. Give Spirit some room. Play more, let your imagination free, relax. Commune with the feminine aspects of life and take nourishment. Fill yourself.. A second Grand Trine (Scorpio power, Vesta of sacred temple, Chiron healer and teacher, all water signs) provides a path for finding and releasing feminine power.

Honor and respect this transition space as a passage.  Practice and strengthen acceptance, forgiveness, and love for all that arises. Prepare the soil; allow new seeds to rise. The new emerging aspects of YOU.

Much Love