Wisdom Wild | Color of Woman Journey

Color of Woman Journey

140626 unveiling the journey…


On April 1st, 2014 I began

a Color of Woman Journey

with Shiloh Sophia McCloud

and a number of CoW sisters.


It is…

a quest,

a series of inquiries,

a writing journey,

a painting journey,

an inward journey,

an expressive journey.


I am in the process of becoming

an Intentional Creativity Coach

and Color of Woman Teacher.


This is the first time I’ve painted faces.


I only just began to paint last year (2013)

(excepting the very little bit of painting done

when I was much younger).


During that time last year,

I painted for the first time on canvas.

I created 28 paintings, elemental & ‘bug-soup’ kinds of works,

the largest of which is 12×15  but most are 8×10.

Perhaps I’ll share these sometime too.

But Now…


With C0W I have for  the first time worked on BIG  canvases

— 30″ x 40″!  Ack! (grin)


Elsewhere I am building my portfolio to

trace and reveal the reflections and images

that are in ongoing creation for this journey.


I’ve decided now to capture some of this journey

here on my website

(mostly because I’ve had requests to see).


So now we begin…

Legendary Self  140403-140422


Legend 1-5_x600w


Yes, she turned spectral

and with that came a flood of images

and I reeled.

The next two weeks I spent

creating several more images

to process the bones and blossoms that had emerged.


Finally I was ready to return to her.

My Legendary Self. Her name is Raya.

Here she is ‘complete’:




Muse 140509-140523+-0621


Appears  140509


Comes Forth 140509-10



Shifts & Changes 140511-12++


‘Completes’ — Day 140611 & then deepening to Night  140621 —



FSC 2014


She has withheld her name

but has given me her essence and who she be —

Lady, Woman, Warrior, Queen, Wisdom, yes each and all,

She of the Bloods

I reclaim my Fire.  (Solstice 2014).




Talisman begins 140614-

Under painting 140620 P1030723_x300

The 1st gate  140621



The lost parts, the unavoidable tragedy line, and healing waters




Threading, Reclaiming, and Honoring. I return to the river of light.




And the journey continues…  7 more gates through which to pass…


140706 — She emerges in form




And I wonder what next… (and about those ears -from whom did they come? What do they hear?)


140723 — more presence


140727-0804 – deepening & feathers



She rests a long while and then many calas  141001 (Still in process; calas may not all remain)




Alchemist/Soul Fire  begins 140907-0914



140926 and ‘completes’ … Well, maybe. She seems to want white-blue fire extending from right side of body. We’ll see)