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Full Wolf Moon

15 Jan 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

Wolf MoonDear MoonKin,

I fondly recall being with some of you in ritual circle around a fire in Healdsburg  about this time last year. ‘Tis now the Full WolfMoon once again.

The energies continue to be full and rich even if there may not seem to be much movement. Although it may not yet be too apparent, change is occurring and the land is beginning to stir.

The urging of change at this time, and the pressure to transform generated by the cardinal grand cross, may at times make things feel a bit under pressure or tight unless the earth is soft and loose.  Good reminder to create space and tune into natural flow.

The Full moon now shines bright in the Dreaming time. I wonder what is emerging in your dreams?  What seeds are vibrating with life force? What is being called for release?

Listen and feel into the full moonlit dreaming. It is the only full moon in Cancer this year. The cup is full.  Drink in the flowing stream and celebrate the gifts of the dreaming time. Allow this water moon to nourish the Earth of you, and let it wash away whatever no longer serves.

It is a time for deepening self-nurturing. Make time to  engage and receive your loving self-care. Resource yourself so the seeds within may emerge from a place of ease, balance and abundance.

Receive as well the guidance of this Wolf Moon. Wolf teaches us to deeply trust inner knowing. Wolf also teaches us to use ritual to create order and harmony. It is time to honor, create, and breathe new life into, life rituals.  Open to the guidance of Wolf, Moon, and your heart-radiant self.

Tonight is the Full Wolf Moon Call and all are welcome. It would be a delight to greet you.  (Sign up at Moon Call to receive more deets for the live call or to listen later to the recording).

However you respond to the Call of this moon, I encourage you to make some intentional space to honor yourself and the gifts of the season. Release what no longer serves and feed the flame of your radiant heart’s desire.

As always Dear Dreamers,
Nurture your nature
With Love and MoonLight,

[image from Pinterest: creator unknown]