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Moon Full in Virgo

26 Feb 2021, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Full (exact 210227 @0017 PST) in Virgo


… discern, presence, nourish, transcend …


Welcome one of the more positive, auspicious Moons of the year (Moon trine Uranus & opp Venus). Under the sensitive, watery influence of Pisces (Sun, Venus, Neptune) Moon full shines Light on the fruits of our labours, and on areas needing attention/improvement. It is a time of culmination, review, release, and celebration.


Moon in earthy and practical Virgo helps us to remain present and grounded; and gifts us with heightened levels of clarity, discernment and ability to concentrate. She’s attentive to details but always with an eye on the bigger picture. We are urged to cultivate discernment and critical thinking; and to focus on tangible things; create order; and take practical action. With the support of Virgo’s creative, healing energy, we will likely experience increased feelings of certainty/security regarding ourselves and the way forward. (Yay!) Together with Pisces, wholeness (Virgo) and oneness (Pisces) come into form.


Overall there’s a grounding, healing and soothing energy to this Moontime. We have a greater sense of balance (Aqua stellium eases; 3 planets in Pisces moderate 3 in Aqua); there’s an increased sense of flow, clarity and direction (Moon-Uranus trine); and we feel more connected mind-body-soul, heaven-earth (Venus now in Pisces). Inspiration, imagination and creativity are heightened (Venus in Pisces +Venus-Moon +Moon-Uranus trine); powers of attraction are magnified (Venus/Pisces); and optimism, faith and hope is on the rise (Merc conj Jup for next couple weeks).


It is a time to look closely at all that is revealed by the bright light and deep shadow. Time to take stock and to focus on all that is wise, nourishing and useful. Time to celebrate the ways wholeness and oneness are revealed in form. Time to honour all that has been given and received this Moon.


Stand beneath Moon’s shining light
and view all that is in sight


Discern what is to be washed away
and the treasures you wish to have stay


Time to honour all you have done
all that’s been released and welcomed


Immerse in Pisces transcendent reflections
Ground and give form to your soul connection


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you ground firmly,
discern wisely,
celebrate richly, and
nourish all that is helpful & healing this Moon














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