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Moon Full in Taurus

24 Oct 2018, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Full (exact  @ 0945 PDT) in Taurus


… will, determination, creativity, transformation


Taurus Moon calls us back into our senses, our instinctual nature, and our relationship with the physical world. She wants us to appreciate Nature and enjoy life. Scorpio Sun wants to swim deep into truth and all that is required for rebirth. Both seek to create a nurturant quality of life. Together they encompass both the simple and the complex; the basic and the exotic; the tangible and the intangible. Under the fullness of this Moon we are challenged to balance these ‘opposite’ yearnings;  and invited to look for the ‘higher truth’ and see in a new light all we are and are meant to be.


This Moon-full heralds change of an evolutionary/karmic kind (Nodes involvement in fixed Grand Square).  Feminine energy is powerfully present now (10/11 planets in feminine signs) and will stand us in good stead as certain alignments spark emotions, activate change, spur shifts, and pretty much ensure that the unexpected can be expected (Uranus involvements w/ Sun, Moon & Venus). Under these conditions, old habits, out-dated patterns, and whatever doesn’t serve us or the greater good, will become more clear. We are urged to make changes; to find new perspectives and new ways of doing and Being in our relations with ourselves, others, and Earth.


During the process we have help (Moon trine Saturn) to hold us steady; turn the unexpected into opportunities and new learning; and hold to our purpose and commitments even when things seem uncertain.  It is likely we will feel the strength of our will,  determination and persistence ramp-up right now; and we may be much less willing to compromise in our efforts toward peace, freedom, and sustainability (7/11  planets in fixed signs).


This is a time to ground deep in the nurturing Earth (4 planets in Earth signs) and time to embrace and flow into emotions (6 planets in Water signs, 4 of them in Scorpio).  Honor all that has come and gone this cycle. Focus on awareness, creativity, truth, freedom, and the timeless connection with Soul/Spirit. (Remember, energy flows where attention goes ;)) Trust inner wisdom and the rhythms of Life. Have faith in the mystery and gently deepen into the feminine and all that you Be.


Deep in Earth and beneath the waves
things are stirring in the wisdom caves


Syncing body, mind, heart and Soul
see the whole in divine Spirit’s scrolls


Have faith in the mystery
and deepen all that you Be


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May the powers of Earth and Water nourish you in multiple ways;
and may new transformative insights be revealed this Moon










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Surf:  cut & modified image found on PWA World Tour