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Full Spider Woman Moon

16 Mar 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greetings in this Full Moon Time.


P1030042_fullCROPx300TXTHere we are at the ‘mid-point’ of the cycle. As always, full moons are ‘high’ times. Time to celebrate and express gratitude for the shape and form your commitments have taken thus far. Time to strengthen connection and trust in spirit.


Name the moon wherever you are – Storm Moon, Worm Moon, Crow Moon, Sap Moon. Moon of the High Priestess and Moon of Spider Woman.


There’s a mix of energies in the fields these days as we move from Virgo to Libra Moon this day, with Mars and Saturn continuing in retrograde and Equinox just days away.


Lean in these next few days to what you are feeling and follow the whispers and nudges. Yes, there are the practical needs of the building activities still energetically present, but the Moon also calls for time to connect with inner wisdom and with the rhythms of land and light.


Breathe in the nourishment and wonders gathered under the light. Breathe out that which naturally releases.
Take that breathe. And another.


Breathe into your inner sensing can visit with web-weaver within. See the colors and threads drawn tight or loose each in accord with the reason and purpose of it’s making. Perhaps your creative spirit will call you to write or drawn the view. Such is the time. Let it be, let it flow.


Next Moon Cycle begins March 31st. Come Walk with the Moon

And, as always,
Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light,