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Full Scorpio Moon

14 May 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

P1030042_fullCROP_SCORPx385wTXTGreetings of the full (very full) Moon in Scorpio (1216 pdt)


And by ‘full’ I mean there’s a lot going on and a lot to sift through.


Though it may sound like gobbledy-gook to some, here’s some of the astrological what’s up. Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio. Moon conjunct (next to) Saturn ( Saturn has been in Scorpio since October 2012 and will continue into much of 2015). Saturn opposes the Sun; Pluto squares Venus and opposes Jupiter. Venus conjoins Uranus and both oppose Mars. A T-square: Uranus and Venus both square Pluto and Jupiter. The Grand Cardinal Cross continues. And we have a water trine (thank the goddess!) And there’s still more and too much to ‘translate’ all at once so let’s go for some what I hope are some helpful highlights.


It’s spring, and it’s all about emergence.


The full Moon illuminates the places that can otherwise be hidden in shadow. Time for weeding in order to support growth and the new coming into being.


This moon is also the Wesak or Buddha Moon. It is said that Siddhartha was born, achieved en-lightenment, and transitioned on a moon such as the one we have tonight. It is a time when the “two truths” (Scorpio and Taurus) are revealed. Two truths that are integral to one another. Unfolding oppositions and paradox.


This moon also marks the midpoint of Earth Snake Month. And with the full moon occurring on a Phoenix day, it’s most certainly time to shed the skin and emerge anew.


The Scorpio (moon) -Taurus (sun) matrix is about going deep and coming home to feeling good. Scorpio pulls us into the depths, into hidden secrets, into reading the bones, and transforming again and again. Taurus sun carries the Earth promise and calls for alignment with laws of nature and remembering our foundational ground.


Yes, it is time for more shedding and letting go. With Moon next to Saturn, it’s time to really dig into shadows and with Saturn in Scorpio, there’s not much choice about going deep. Scorpio has a tendency to hold onto emotional experiences as long as possible in order to discover and sort every truth. During this moon, however, it’s time to release and have the courage to embrace that which can carry us forward.


Yes, there may be intensity – of emotion, of experience, of happenings in and around the world. It is time, again, to delve deep for truth and understanding. Time to allow the full moon light to reveal what’s been hiding or holding on too long, and to purge what no longer serves.


Surrender… Move into the support of Earth and flow with the waters. If the clearing/releasing brings tears, let them flow knowing this is healing, cleansing movement. Allow the healing Water trine of Moon, Chiron and Jupiter in Cancer, to support the clearing and healing of deep issues and wounds. This is an especially powerful time for releasing the limiting beliefs and patterns embodied in the patriarchic paradigm to make more space. Time to invite and welcome the new paradigm emergent.


Trust that as we embrace both the dark and the light, answers and truths come forward in new ways and new openings are created to release that which has held us back or otherwise no longer serves. Remember too that what we choose to compost becomes food for the harvest. Scorpio energy supports us in this undertaking moving from the lowest depths to the highest peaks to fly like the Eagle and rise from ashes like the Phoenix.


Yes, it is time to let go (again). It is time to face fears (Moon & Saturn); to dive deep (Scorpio, Saturn, Pluto) and release the past and/or shift what is no longer relevant.


It is again time to strongly confirm and claim again our Heart-felt truth, desires, joy and purpose.. Time to see past challenges to the options and opportunities. Time to create space to recharge. Time to feed inner and outer peace. Time to find intimacy in the desire for oneness, compassion, love and harmony.


Open fully to your unique dance of endings and beginnings under the Scorpio Moon, and, as always


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light