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Moon Full in Scorpio

29 Apr 2018, by Fiona in moon&sky

180429_COMP2Test-merge-CROP_x385Welcome Moon Full (exact @1758 PDT) in Scorpio


deep diving, potent transforming


This is a warm, rich, deep, powerful Moon time. The fullness of light reveals what has been hidden, and also deepens the darkest shadows into which Scorpio always seeks to inquire. We delve underneath, into the core, attaining new insights and gaining new clarity. Together with Sun in Taurus, we are invited to reach into both the tangible and the intangible; the seen and the unseen; and to expand our understanding and connections within skin and soul.


Energy surges for purging and going emotionally deep (Mars-Pluto, co-rulers of Scorpio, tight conjunction). Intuition and imagination are magnified (Moon & Jupiter trine Neptune) and creativity soars (Venus in Gemini) Concentration and persistence increase (Sun/Moon trine Saturn) and enable us to stay the course and step more fully onto a new, evolutionary path. Earthy energy (4 planets in Earth signs) helps us to stay grounded and balanced. The Waters help to ensure release and flow.


Yes, we are called to feel into the full range of emotions, and to love all of self, both Light and shadow. Moving ahead the emphasis on planning and taking steps towards all that brings peace of mind and heart-felt joy. It is time to honor body and Spirit; nurture our hearts; and expand the power of self-love, compassion and acceptance. Time to honor, celebrate and connect deeply with all we Be and intend to Be.


Delve into the shadows bright Moon makes deep
Unveil what’s been kept unseen or asleep


Embrace all that is revealed inside your heart
new skin- and soul-sources to fuel all your arts


Nourish your Eagle at the goddess’ bowl
Enrich your magicks with food for the Soul


From the shadows into the Light
upon fresh wings soar in new flight


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light




Wishing you the blessings of deep diving and
new/renewed alignment of mind, body, heart and Soul this Moon











IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Eagle-Phoenix: from Phoenix Cremation Jewellery| Eagle & Goddess: cut & modified form source N/A