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Full Pisces Moon

08 Sep 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

140908_compile_x385Greetings of the full ‘super’ Moon in Pisces (exact at 1838 pdt)


Blessed is the Light and Blessed are the Waters.


The full Moon lights up the night in brightness and draws the oceans to tidal fullness. Much is energized this Moon.


It is time to honor and celebrate the fullness in our lives and all that has been birthed under the Moon.


The Pisces Moon (in partnership with Chiron) empowers healing, greater ease, and deeper grounding (Saturn; Sun in Virgo). This is a time for focus and welcome of healing – mind, body, spirit.


The Grand Trine (begun Aug 23) peaks today, providing a fullness of energy for balancing assertive and receptive ways of being, for integrating the masculine and the feminine. Look into the Moon’s reflection one waters and feel in to this joining.


Several aspects of Uranus adds energy and excitement; and many relations are making intuitions available in flashes and sparks now.


Ask and create a quiet moment to receive.


Breathe in deep compassion and beauty for these are also in full expression at this time.


Invite, honor, celebrate and express illumination, fullness, clarity, balance.


Expand time and space for you to reflect and celebrate. Breathe in ease. Feel the fullness of  your beaming radiance.


May your light shine like a Super Moon and may you always,


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light