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Full Moon & Dragonfly Magic

22 Jul 2013, by Fiona in creatures, eclipse, moon&sky, theme

dragonfly in grassHello Dear Ones!

Good Goddess there is so much happening! And it’s sooo exciting!  . . . I had  hoped that this connect would be via video but the tech pieces are still to come together. So, text again it is. It is rather ‘full’ (appropriately ;)) and I hope you enjoy and find nurture within . .

For the past several weeks my posts have spoken to the high energetic times of 3 eclipses in 6 weeks in April;/May; the key theme of Transition for June; and the time of growth, change, evolution and Expansion for July. Embedded in all of these messages as been the magic of these times; the return and rise of and support for feminine wisdom; and the unity of renewed masculine and feminine energies together.

This week is a time to go for itBe what you have always wanted to be! Express your unique self! This is not a  time of holding back or waiting for the right time – no, it’s time to explode like a new star! This is powerful birthing time. Giving birth to a new you, a new life, a new reality, a new sense of community, a new paradigm.  Key word: EXPECTANCY.

Yes, taking this step can be scary  – being so vulnerable, open, transparent  and un-private. But it’s also a time that is fabulous for deep connection and for creating a container for transformation into  this newness. We are still supported by the ease and flow of the Grand Water Trine in feminine water signs.  Mars (in Cancer) also supports action needed to manifest right time, right place, with everything we need. (Note that although Mars is showing kinder nature, the tendency to stir  up a little conflict is still there.;))  Focus on what is working just as you hoped, no matter how small.

And It’s FULL MOON today (1115 PDT) in Aquarius AND Sun stepped into Leo just hours before.

As always, this is a time to celebrate what you have received and accomplished; and to honor the fullness in your life. Now is the time to really anchor these experiences. Remember,  anything you do that gives you the experience of expansion is good.  Remember also that this is the time to scan your life for that which no longer serves and/or about which you are ambivalent. Anchor your commitments; let the rest drift away

Leo holds our radiant core self; our divine essence. Time to shine from our hearts in joyful self expression. Time to be seen. With moon in Aquarius for couple of days we are also moved into mental objectivity and are compelled by higher ideals of freedom, equity and cooperation for good of us all.

So the Sun is birthed from Cancer, out of the mother, the womb. And full moon! There’s lots of emotion, lots of feeling, lots of creativity. New birth. Stay present. Stay in your body. Stay calm. Breathe. Keep the energy moving. Yes! Feel the feelings. You are sensitive. Sixth sense, third eye is way way open.

Break out of the old. Remember EXPANSION. That energy is still with us to next June.  This is the year of expanding the truth of who we are, what we can do, what we are capable of creating and bringing into being. Come out! Step beyond the edges of the old safety zone. Cut the cords of the past. Time to recreate ourselves radically anew.

These are WILD times (I just love the wild ;)). The Grand Trines are stabilizing, strengthening, fortifying. Really get into your power, your heart, your feeling. Get into your unconditional self love!  Go inside, connect with heart and emotions, to who you really want to be and what you want to stand for …

A new paradigm is being birthed. It involves the balancing and integration of the masculine and feminine. This is about actively FEELING our connection to Earth, nature, natural law, sustenance. This is a great year for reconnecting with the feelings that connect us with natural rhythms, cycles of moon, seasons, nature. (And no, that’s not just me speaking to my bias. This IS a poignant time. I just LOVE that this is the calling and that the times such a support ;)).

The Goddesses with us. Right now Athena (mental, creative mind)  and Venus (beauty, art, sensuality) are working together. We are called to integrate our outer world of acomplishment with our  inner feminine knowing that connects us w/ the Great Mystery. Bringing our creative self into the world for full expression. Step over doubt into the deep pool of heart wisdom.

DRAGONFLY MAGIC. This is something more I’d like to share with you. A few days ago, Dragonfly, perhaps the biggest and most beautiful one I’ve ever seen,  came into my home. Markings of turquoise stone blue and turquoise green sea. And when she moved iridescent, rainbow jeweled light danced across her wings.  How wondrous that this magic graces this time!

I watched as Dragonfly moved up and town, hovered, quickly changed direction, even flew backwards. … Do those movements remind you of your own movements in last whiles? ;)…Dragonfly inhabits two realms: air and water. How perfect!  Goddess and earlier Gemini attending to mental work and the Grand Water Trine activating emotions.

Dragonflies also reveal their colors as they grow older.  Ahhh… it is with maturity that our true colors come forth.  And this Dragonfly is clearly a mature one with the bright and wondrous colors. A mature Dragonfly symbolizes the balancing of emotion and passion with clarity and discipline. Expression of the emotional and the mental together; the feminine and masculine in balance.

It’s also wondrous for Dragonfly to appear at this time as it takes a Dragonfly almost two years to go from nymph to adult. The ‘galactic’ energetics that sparked this amazing time we’re in now began around June 2011; 2 years ago. You might remember a couple of weeks ago I sent you a piece about the years 2013-2015.  Two years. How about that eh?

What colorful transformations do you desire in the next two years? Imagine for a moment yourself as Dragonfly living in the realm of Light. Spending time in the sun and near fresh waters. Imagine the color changes you will call forth. Imagine the power and magic  of the Light you carry. How will you reflect and work with Sun and Light?  Remember we are light and we can reflect however we choose.

Dragonfly brings brightness, transformation, wonder… What is your colorful new vision? I wonder…

Quick Sum
As each of us reveal our authentic, true, loving, spiritual nature, we shine and that is reflected back. Birth from the heart chakra.  Tap into Earth, into Gaia, enjoy life more grounded, more at ease, more joy filled. Be Dragonfly; draw on Dragonfly magic. It’s awesome. Take the stage. Show yourself. That’s what’s going to make it all happen.

Much much Love and Light to you.
As always, Nurture Your Nature!