Wisdom Wild | Moon Full in Gemini


Moon Full in Gemini

29 Nov 2020, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Full (exact 201130 @0130 PST) in Gemini


… illuminate, investigate, appreciate …


Moon full reveals what has been hidden and brings increased clarity. She also brings heightened emotions and, in Gemini, a pull on our mental activity as well. All of this is intensified and magnified with the partial lunar eclipse* that many have been feeling for a few days and will for a few days still. There’s a restlessness, a nervous energy, a hunger for more knowledge of various kinds, and a pull to create a new future. This is a time to align with higher self and open to new ways of thinking/understanding.


Moon/eclipse in Gemini opens us to new possibilities. She brings curiosity, flexibility, critical thinking, a quest for facts, the ability to entertain multiple perspectives, and a diversity of ideas. True to hir nature, she expects us to dance with duality and to appreciate the differences and gifts of yin and yang. Together with Sag Sun, it is time to seek (Sag) and speak (Gemini) truth. It is a time of teaching and learning driven by logic and research (Gemini) and by faith and Spirit (Sag). A time to dive deep (Merc in Scorpio); and a time of transcendent transformation (2020 +eclipse effect).


We are in a time of profound shift. A time hailed as one of necessary evolution, practical and spiritual. Now, at this eclipse, our capacity to receive divine guidance and insights is again enhanced. Other starry energies help to increase the strength of our will and determination (Aldebaran star alignment); and enable focus and level-headedness (Merc-Saturn); optimism (Sag); and positive thinking (Neptune). It’s a time of powerful cleansing (eclipse) and of powerful healing (Chiron effect upcoming).


At this Moon-full it time to both honour, celebrate and express gratitude for all that has come; and to begin to dream in something new for the future. It is a time when our desire and potential for harmony, security, stability, creativity, beauty and value expands. A time to nurture whatever we most hunger for. A time for inspiration and a time for rest. A time to prepare for renewal, rejuvenation and rebirth in the deepening dark.


This Moon-full is powerful and bright
Truth, wisdom and compassion unite


Honour fruition and new vision invite
Expand your worldview and welcome new insight


Weave together celebration and inspiration
Embrace Spirit and transformation this lunation


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you the joy of fruition,
the wonder of new inspiration
& deep rejuvenation this Moon











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