Wisdom Wild | Moon Full in Capricorn


Moon Full in Capricorn

24 Jun 2021, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Full (exact @1140 PDT) in Capricorn


… head, heart and Spirit | reflect, celebrate, integrate …


The bright light of the Moon brings clarity and a call to reflect upon all that has occurred, been initiated, is underway and/or has completed this Moon. At the peak of a lunar cycle that began with a solar eclipse and had some challenging alignments, there is much to consider (esp re beliefs & paradigms: Jup-Rx).


While we pause at this point of culmination, energies have been/are shifting. Thoughts, ideas and communications are clearer and move more smoothly now (Merc stationed direct June22). Likely we will experience a renewed sense of faith, optimism, hope and confidence; and feel more inspired and enthusiastic (Moon-Jupiter sextile). Feminine energy is high (7/11 planets in fem signs); and there is a greater sense of flow (4 planets in Water; 3 in Air). And we have recently moved from the busy times of Gemini and entered a gentler, softer, more tender time (Sun in Cancer). Time to come home to self. And as Moon wanes, it’s time to slow and move inward (strong pull from Rx planets). Time to deepen self-love and self-care (Cancer Sun).


Moon in Capricorn provides us with solid ground and helps us to re-find our feet after the whirlwinds of eclipses, Gemini and whatever tensions may have arisen along the way (i.e., Saturn-Uranus exactitude). Strong and steady, Capricorn brings our focus to our senses; to practical matters, and to structures and boundaries that creatively and gracefully support our needs and desires (great for self-nurture as we enter the waning time). She calls us to root in our soul’s purpose. It’s a time to Earth our truth, our ideas, our ideals and our presence.


Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon both seek to feel rooted, settled, and at home with ourselves. Cancer is concerned with feelings, emotional security and nurturing; Capricorn with facts, material security and responsibility. Together they call us to attend to both heart and mind; to both honour past treasures and embrace future possibilities; and to engage and balance our outer and inner worlds. It’s a time to lean into the strength of Seagoat, the protection of Crab, and the nurture of Earth and Sea.


Time to shelter in the heart, cleanse in the sea, and root in Earth. Time to shift with the sands and flow with the tides. Time to meld spirit, intuition and soul connection, with intelligence, steadiness and the ability to thrive even in challenging environments. Time to unify heart, mind and Spirit. Time to embrace all you have done and all that you Be.


From the mountain top to the depths of the sea
Seek the wisdom of strength and serenity


Tune to your soul-full purpose and abide
Heart truth and inner wisdom be your guide


Feel into Spirit and sweet harmony
Honour and celebrate all that you Be


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you feel your strength, honour your gifts &
nurture all that you Love and all you Be this Moon














IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Capricorn Queen: cut & modified image by Melleon at Deviant Art | Kentia Palm (a Capricorn plant): cut & modified image from Garden Beast | Delphinium (a Cancer flower): source N/A | Enki mosaic: cut & modified from image through Google; source N/A