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Moon Full in Aquarius

23 Jul 2021, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Full (exact @1937 PDT) in Aquarius


… illumination, expression, heart-full-ness … 


I had planned to take a break for a bit but recent shiftings called me to post this Moon Full. Truth is, there are many tales spinning and many ways to read, sift, cast, integrate, mediate and negotiate the tales alone and together. So which tales to tell and how? For this ‘drop in’ let’s keep it positively simple.


Yesterday we emerged from the primal Waters of Cancer Sun and entered into the bold, golden energy of firey Leo (Sun’s home sign so further empowered). It’s a time to celebrate vitality, courage, and joy (Sun & Mars in Leo & Merc soon). A time for increased confidence and creative self-expression. A time for self to be at center. A time to live from the heart and to appreciate the precious life gifts available to us each day. A time for comfort, ease and playfulness. A time to purr and a time to love large.


Today at this Moon-full (1st of 2 consecutive full Moons in Aqua) it’s also a time to celebrate the fullness of Light within, and the presence of wisdom in our lives (further empowered by Leo and by balance of elemental energies); a time to honour all that guides and grounds us. In Aquarius we will find ourselves drawn to the new and the unusual, and to anything we see that needs improvement. Thinking out of the box, we will be inspired by new ideas. Inquisitive, radical, and revolutionary, and with an emphasis on freedom, Aquarius seeks to shift consciousness, solve big-picture problems and move us into a new and better future. Together with Leo Sun, we are empowered to boldly claim and create the future we want to come into Being.


Change is in the Air. At the heart of this Moon is the knowing that we have turned another corner, the way is made clearer, and we are heading in new directions. We are on a healing journey (natural quality of Aqua), detoxing, releasing and transforming from what has been (Pluto); re-integrating and finding our medicines within (Chiron-R); and increasing our understanding of our individual and collective greater purpose, in body and in Spirit (Moon conj Chariklo, asteroid of Spirit Medicine). Aquarius themes will continue to support us in our journey (2 consec Aqua full Moons + Saturn in Aqua); Leo and Aquarius together help us to highlight, harmonize and integrate opposing/polarized forces (masc/fem, self/collective, personal/universal); and Moon will always alert us to tune to natural rhythms of cyclic change.


Time to immerse in the fullness of Moon’s bright Light and receive the strength, wisdom, and creativity pouring in. Time to honour and celebrate the gifts of the cycle, both given and received. Time to be illuminated and time to shine. And, soon, time to prepare for sacred pause (Day Out of Time Sunday), and to make way for more quiet time with you and you.


Under this Moon full bright
see all that’s come to light


Together with Fire and Air
weave your heart-truth and all your prayers


Envision abundance, peace, beauty and unity
Nourish personal and universal harmony


Express your gifts and begin to dance
You, Earth and Cosmos in resonance


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you a fullness of Love, Light, Spirit & Wisdom this Moon









IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Goddess: Cut & modified pic of garden sculpture found at Geko Products