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Equinox Welcome

20 Mar 2014, by Fiona in turnings

Greetings to, and of, Ostara!


The day of equal dark and light.
An equity; a balance point.




I am up pre-dawn and the sky is clear. Waning Moon hangs white is in the southwest sky.  I watch Sun rise wondering what this day will bring, and I hold an open question.  First rays touch the land and thin frost sparkles like diamonds.  As Sun crests the island hills, shadows appear and shift, painting stories in answer to my questioning.  Light-dark relations. Poised. Balance and movement in each moment, even in stillness.  I feel the first shimmerings of soft pale greens soon to brighten and evolve in the rising Light.



Here in the Northern Hemisphere we herald Springostara_crocus

Snowdrop and crocus and first pink blossom buds have already appeared in some places in the lands,teasing and delighting in early signs of the Season.

Soon Light will gain over dark and the land will once again be blanketed in flowers and new greens – grass and bud and new leaf.

A festival of resurrection, revival, renewal and rejuvenation gloriously profuse with color.



I invite you this day to dress for the occasion. Wear a ribbon, a flower, a smile. Dress your altar with flowers, a potted plant, a bowl of seeds, new candles and spring water. Connect with the energies of the water, seed, plant and flowers, and explore their inner life-art nature.


Feel the rising energies of Earth within. Life warming bones, filling hearts, tickling skin and sparkling eyes. Rebirth, renewal. The promise of Ostara.


I invite you this day to walk through gardens, parks, forests and other green places. Make it a celebration ritual. Breathe in the nourishment from new green and fresh scents and the promise held. Breathe out last dusts of the dark until they clear.


Breathe in new fresh wonders gain and breathe out your wishes and intentions for this new beginning. Plant these intentions as seeds to be divinely tended through the gaining light.


Let’s imagine into being a world of love, caring, respect and joy for All in the Kin-dom.


Let me feel, let me see,
Now reborn in positivity.
Let all good things now come to be!

As always/all-ways Dear Ones,
Nurture your Nature
with Love and de-Light

 [Raven carvings both by Adam Voisin, Gibsons. BC
The white Spirit Raven is part of my altar space.
The painting a beginning by yours truly]