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Endings & Beginnings

28 Feb 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

Cres_1st+lastHello Dear Ones,


Tonight at midnight(pst) the day ends, the month ends, and so too ends a Moon Cycle. Then, as we rest, the calendar turns to a new day and a new month, and a new Moon Cycle begins.


At midnight the moon fades to dark, completing and releasing one cycle, and preparing for another.
Time to let go, exhale. Time to sink in to deep truth and nourishment. Time to dream, inhale and consider intentions for the next cycle.


Attune, align and synchronize with natural rhythms.
Step into the Sacred Rhythm of Nature and You
Next Cycle starts tomorrow (March 1st)
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The dark/new moon in Pisces carries forward the love and heart-sense theme of February. Sun, moon and three more planets are also now in watery, feeling, intuitive Pisces. And the dark moon is a time of deepest feminine wisdom


Let go of everyday matters and go within. Welcome healing, dreaming, creativity, vision and change.


Neptune, boundless, compassionate, artistically expressive, is in hir own ruling sign of Pisces for the first time in 165 years. Chiron, healer, past-future bridger, mixes old with new and makes whole, is also in Pisces. So too is Juno showing the way to personal empowerment.


It is time to embrace the wonders of the deepest Earth of you.


There are some planetary shiftings going on as some planets go direct and others retrograde close or quite close to one another. That means quite a bit of start-stop-start-stop energy in there (endings, beginnings, how appropriate ;)). Suspend the moments.


Find the space between. Expand that space. Be buoyed and supported by watery Pisces. Feel in to the flow with all yours senses.


Come into your wisdom. FootprintHeart_P1020946x300+urlt
Come into your truth.
Imagine the footprints you will make this next cycle.


Nurture your Nature
with love & light,