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Deepening Wane

16 Nov 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

Blessings of the deepening Moon wane141116_moonP1050085x385+Txt


It’s been some time since my last my wifi connection…


Yes, Virginia, there are places with ‘no bars’ (for internet or phone ;))


I greet you from the road, now two days past the last quarter moon. The LastQ moon; a time to pause and to complete; time to begin the releasing and to slow; to become more restful…


141116_sealP1050040x300wTXTYesterday I watched elephant seals as they basked on the beach taking their rest. One or another would curl a tail or raise a fin; now there a head rises, a woofing sound, a belly waddle onward, as if moved by whatever was being dreamed. Seal Wisdom calls us to attend to imagination and insight both in waking and in dreaming; to experience deeply both the inner and the outer worlds. A natural ebb and flow like the rhythms of the tides. How perfect this timing…


141116_zebra-P1050056LIT-CROPx385-wTXTJust minutes down the road, I had to look twice to believe: Zebras! Yes, truly. Zebras who were brought to the land many many years ago and now have acclimatized and live as a wild and expanding herd. Apparently it’s rare to see them so close to the road but there they were. The wisdom: Stand strong, trust, and simply flow with the rhythm of a new creation.


141116_sunriseP1050080x300-wTXTThis morning I woke to glorious predawn sky. As the light slowly rose I saw above a vulture land atop the tallest tree. A time of remembering to honor the service, no matter how small, that we each offer to one another and to Earth.


The Moon will be but 25% lit just after midnight (pst) tonight. The harvest is in and now is time for releasing, for slowing down, for simplifying, and for gently preparing the entry way into Moon Dark.


As you move into the deepening dark, I invite you to reflect on the wisdom and callings of Seal, Zebra & Vulture, creatures of sea, land and sky. What insights have you gained from experiences outside and within? What might you imagine flowing into being? I wonder. What new ways may you explore to


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light