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Dark/New Moon

18 Apr 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150418_comp_x385Welcome Dark/New Moon!


I greet you very late this day of Moon dark (exact at 1157 pdt). The day began with Moon in Aries waning to dark.


I have been deep in the dark, called to move very very very slow. Much has been shuffling about and, perhaps like you, I’m still feeling the effects of all that has been tossed up by the recent eclipse.


A couple of days ago (Apr 16) Pluto moved retrograde (until Sep24). More energy for letting go, releasing, surrendering… and regenerating. I feel like I need to do a spring cleanse and re-feng shui my inner and outer worlds. Pluto will be retrograde for next several months. In this aspect Pluto calls for ongoing work in looking at patterns that serve and do not serve; those which empower or disempower; and what feels aligned and what does not.


I must admit I’m feeling waves of ups and downs with the exploration and considerations (no surprise; Venus squares Neptune today/tomorrow). Perhaps you are feeling this too. Time to draw on the practicality and abundance of Mars (in practical and persistent Taurus) to keep the fire burning and the energy strong.


And so the wheel turns. Moon is now in Taurus (as of 1431pdt) and I breathe in the first touches of light on the Moon. New beginnings. Time to refresh and consider what new energies to inhale this cycle.


What is it you wish to draw in this new cycle? What doors do you want to close and open? It is time now for rebirth; time to pass through a new portal; time to begin to plant new seeds… and new questions to explore and unfurl.


Move gently into the new borning light
Be still and feel the warming grace
Breathe deeply of the morning air, and
Walk barefoot gathering dew from the new green grasses
In silence, be nourished and refreshed,
Heart-filled with Spirit Song,
and, as always,

Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


* See Creature Teacher: Spider for some associated guidance.

[img from Heritage site postcard + sprouted seed by photographers unknown]