Wisdom Wild | Dark Taurus Moon


Dark Taurus Moon

17 May 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150517_comp2x385Greetings of
Dark Taurus Moon
(exact at 2113pdt)


Ah yes, time to pause. Time for nurture in the feminine dark.


Moon and Sun both in Taurus call us to attend to the gifts of Earth.


Sink roots deep in the rich fertile soil of you and
Receive Earth’s nourishments for mind, body and Spirit.
Be present and attend to Be-ingness
Wonder into the sparkles of your Heart and the
Soul seeds calling to be planted and nourished this cycle.


Venus (ruler of Taurus) draws our attention to love, art and beauty.  She is now in sensitive and compassionate Cancer.


See, scent, taste, touch, and listen with your heart
for all the whispers of love sent out and received.
Move with creations and dance with delight
Be filled with the beauty of the Wild.
Be Re-sourced by the wonders of Nature.


Yes! Nurture your Nature, WisdomWild, with Love & Light


Mercury will station retrograde tomorrow (until June 11). Draw on this time to take pause and move slow (Taurus likes that). Enjoy the energetic space for introspection, reflection and being wholly in the present moment that MercR provides. Welcome the time and opportunity to be filled with the comfort of Heart-full Being, aligned with the natural rhythms of Earth, Cosmos and You.


150517_bathwithcandlesCROP_x300Special notes for this time & upcoming


Now, with Taurus and Venus, is a good time to truly embrace the senses.

Have a luxurious bath.
Massage your favourite oils or lotions into your skin.
Light candles and set flower on the table.
Make a wonderful meal of fresh foods.
Enjoy the beauty of Nature and all she has to offer.


And with MercR and some sky ‘meetings’ upcoming (Jupiter/Pluto Thurs, and later Venus/Pluto), DO choose to Pause and  create space to listen to inner wisdom.  Express kindness and self-caring.  Keep focus on Spirit, filled w/ Love & Light. <3


Wishing All an ease-full, heart-joyous, soul seeding time!
Nurture your Nature, Wisdom Wild, with Love & Light