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Moon Dark-New in Taurus

22 Apr 2020, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Dark-New (exact @ 1926 PDT) in Taurus


… simplicity, presence, embodiment …


Moon dark-new brings a cycle of new creative and emotional energy. We are invited into a different quality of experience; to get earthy-clear on priorities; and anchor our intentions. In fertile Taurus she brings sustenance and a stabilizing influence. We are called to rethink resource use; get creative with our material lives; and become more fully embodied and fully present. It is time to ground and take a new look at Life’s possibilities.


Taurus is slow, steady, sturdy, and dependable; she soothes, nurtures, waters and feeds; she knows how to harness resources and sustain energy; and she takes ease very seriously. She is all about home, comfort, shelter, quality and simple pleasures. Taurus councils us to be patient and present; to stay calm and carry on. Hir core food-medicine is gratitude, a gift to us for both the inner and outer worlds. Together Taurus Sun and Moon bring strength and stability to our sense of home in body and on Earth.


Calm and steady energies build under Taurus Sun and Moon but change and challenge is still in the air (Uranus/Taurus & Saturn/Aqua). A disinclination to be put in a box vies with the comfort and predictability of ‘the box’. There’s a call for new perspectives and changes in thinking; and a desire to hold on to what was and to maintain traditions. We can expect this push-pull to continue for awhile yet. Simplicity, nourishment of the senses, attention to the practical basics, and moving slow and taking ease are key themes of the times.


Time to slow down and enjoy what is available in the present moment. Time to enjoy Nature and immerse in Earth’s beauty. Time to relish in the senses and become more in-bodied. Time to secure inner contentment and move wishes, dreams and heart-truth into the physical realm. Time to nurture our sacred seeds and plant a re-envisioned future.


Arise out of the stillness and move slow
Tune to the senses wherever you go


Align with the essence of all in your presence
With heart and Spirit feel into luminescence


Find seeds that hold what’s most profound
Plant them deeply in rich, firm ground


Time to create beauty, peace and sanctuary
Time to embody the evolutionary


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you tap into and embody all the rich gifts of Taurus &
may you feel deeply, ease-fully and newly at home this Moon










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