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Moon Dark-New in Scorpio

14 Nov 2020, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Dark-new (exact @2104 PST) in Scorpio


… depth, presence,
transformation, rebirth …


Moon dark-new is a time for clearing the ways, shifting, and seeding new ideas and ways of Being. This Moon especially empowers new beginnings (boosted by Cap planets all direct + Sun/Moon harmony w/ Pluto, Jup, Saturn & Neptune). In Scorpio and in the last days of Scorpio Sun, she brings powerful energy for healing, renewal, transformation and new birth. It’s a time of deep releasing, deep healing, deep cleansing; and it’s a time to bring laser focus to the dreams, visions, values and ideals we seek to see/feel expressed in form.


Scorpio Moon asks us to delve deep into ourselves and into the realm of mystery. She ignites courage, perseverance and determination; brings depth, clarity, strength, passion and healing; and invites us to seek a deeper level of authenticity and purpose. Scorpio energy (Sun, Moon & Merc) strengthens our will and leads us into our most soul-full, heart-felt desires. It is a time of emotional strength, penetrating insight, and a resurrection of Spirit. A time to tune to our deepest longings; and a time to claim our personal, life-affirming powers.


This is a poignant moment in time (culmination of 13yr Jup-Plu cycle + as a portal to eclipse season). It has been a very intense year and, though there’s still intensity in the air, we’ve turned a corner: energy is lifting (Mars direct yesterday), and we can begin to feel motivation stirring to start anew (Jup-Pluto). Our hearts are open to both our blessings and our deepest desires (Moon-Jup); and our compassion, empathy and understanding is heightened. Stabilizing energy, hope and optimism is beginning to flow in (Moon sextile Jup & Pluto) and we have strong support for anchoring our best intentions and best scenarios.


Time to connect deeply with sacred Source. Time to tune to the ancient wisdom within us and Earth. Time to heed our inner knowing. Time to root and flow. Time to carefully plant new seeds and invite new forms to emerge. Newly and uniquely re-birthed, it’s time to rise shining into the increasing Light.


Immerse yourself in deepest feeling
Open to a most profound healing


Wriggle out of your old skin
Time now to begin again


Challenges, doubts and fears have now been faced
time for personal power to embrace


Bring your Spirit essence into form
Time to rise radiantly reborn


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you brilliant transforming,
radiant rebirth &
sparkling new beginnings this Moon










IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Figure/gown: cut & modified art deco lamp; artist unknown | Snakes: Cut & modified part of a caduceus from pixabay |
Background: cut, rev & modified photo of Empire State Building lobby art; full version avail at Great Big Canvas