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Moon Dark-new in Sagittarius

26 Nov 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting  Moon Dark-New (exact@ 0706 PST) in Sagittarius


… warmth, optimism, new horizons…


At Moon dark we are still in the dreaming time and just beginning to stir. Creative and emotional energies are now rejuvenated. Having shifted from the deep dark Waters of Scorpio into the uplifting Fire of Sag, we can expect a brightening of mood, a sense of liberation, and a renewal of our faith. This is an invitation to rediscover the Light within and move into positive flows.


Moon in Sagittarius encourages expansive visions, a strong belief in ourselves, and a deep faith in Life. Sun and Moon together (with Jupiter too) activate Sag’s natural qualities of warmth, optimism, enthusiasm and desire for new adventures. We are called to explore new horizons, express our truth, share our wisdom, and bring our dreams into form.


Other supportive energy in the skies variously reawakens imagination and creativity (Moon square Neptune-direct tomorrow); empowers wisdom and feminine thinking (Moon-Pallas Athene); supports healing and the birthing of new dreams (Venus-Chiron square); and helps us tune our thoughts to attract ideas, knowledge, skills and ‘right’ results to build what lasts (Venus>Cap tomorrow +fixed star Marfik). All together, great conditions for creating a new story.


Time to look to the future and expand our vision. Time to fuel our passions and ignite our Soul Fire. Time to choose our prayer seeds and let loose our arrows. Time to step into a new dawning and new ways of Being.


Sit by the Fire of your heart glow
sense what Spirit seeks to seed and grow


Gather the seeds you wish to cast
Choose those for which wisdom has asked


Bundle them together with great care
Then string your bow with all your prayers


Ensoul your arrows with all that you dream
Let them fly into the Earth-Cosmos stream


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May your dreams, prayers, and new stories come into form this Moon








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