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Moon Dark-New in Pisces

23 Feb 2020, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Dark-New (exact @0732 PST) in Pisces


… dissolve, vision, flow…


We are called inward (Moon dark, Merc-R +4 planets in Pisces) to reflect; dissolve or transcend limiting perspectives; and to dream new worlds into being. A time to tune to inner wisdom and to the creative muse. A time to cross the bridge to the unknown, and to envision a future to which we say “Yes!”


In Pisces, our sensitivity, intuition, compassion, empathy, understanding and healing powers are all heightened; and our ability to accept and surrender are strengthened. Pisces fuels our imagination, creativity and ideals. We will likely find ourselves more open to new experiences and spurred in new directions. We can expect movement, tangible change and increased positivity and feelings of hope (Jup-Neptune + Mars-Uranus).


Feminine energy flows this Moon (9/11 planets in feminine signs). Water energy invites us to align with the flows of life, and opens us to new understanding (4 planets in Pisces). We are encouraged to wash away all that no longer serves and open to expansive healing. Earth energy helps us to define what we want, focus, and persevere (5 planets in Earth signs; 4 in Cap). Together Water and Earth help us to shape and mold our visions and bring them into manifest form.


Time to dive in and root deep. Time to trust intuition, inner wisdom and Spirit. Time to nurture mind, body, soul. Time to direct attention to all that brings joy and ignites our passions. Time to choose our seeds of intention and imagine dreams flowing into form.


At Moon dark-new, release and dissolve
Imagine-in new ways to evolve


Align with beauty, wisdom and Spirit and lean into the flow
Feel into the stirring of the radiant seeds you will sow


New beginnings are on the rise
Simply Be, beauty-full and wise


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you healing release, joyful creating,
and all the delights of new beginnings










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