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Moon Dark-New in Leo

31 Jul 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Dark-New (exact @ 2012 PDT) in Leo


… warmth, strength, courage, self-expression


Moon dark-new awakens fresh beginnings. At this time we also begin to have more clarity of mind (Mercury now direct); an increased sense of beauty and freedom (Sirius effect); a feeling of increasing momentum (Uranus effects); and a sense of additional sparkle in all our heart-led activities (Venus conj Moon). We are also more empowered to shift and break-through into freedom at this time (Black Super Moon).


Moon in Leo calls us to relax into Being with child-like joy and enthusiasm. She brings courage, confidence, optimism, strength, determination, and a renewed passion for Life. As big-hearted Leo is all about identity, personal truth, and our authentic self, we are called to connect with our hearts and remember our true selves. It’s time to nourish our inner Fire, embody gratitude, and to boldly shine bright.


Fire energy now in abundance radiates warmth, lifts the Spirit and inspires action (6 planets in Fire signs). All of Leo’s gifts are especially amplified (4 planets in firey Leo). The heavens are also very receptive to the longings of our hearts and it’s a good time for wishing on a star (Sirius in particular ;)). It’s not yet time to rush to action (still 5 planets retrograde + a lot of fixed signs) but it’s a great time for dreaming and planning. Time to be present with self. Time to tune to “I am”. Time to plant seeds of the heart. Time to embody the strength, wisdom, and confidence of your most radiant self. Time for renewal and rebirth.


Sense the passion that ignites desire
connect again to your own Spirit Fire


Feed the flames and awaken heart drums
Invite in all you wish to have become


Feel your heart fill and expand
Express the power in your hands


Play, love, joy and courage sing
Express your radiant everything


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May joy, creativity, warmth & freedom fill your heart, mind and Spirit this Moon








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