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Moon Dark in Capricorn

05 Jan 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Dark-New (exact @ 1728 PST) & partial solar Eclipse in Capricorn


… new momentum
clearing & big dreaming
practical & tangible reset ..


A partial solar eclipse (1st of 3 eclipses in Cap this year), just hours before Moon dark-exact, offers us the opportunity to shake things up, clear things out, and be surprised. In setting our intentions for this Moon and year, we are called to increase our strength and adaptability (eclipse ~midway between Saturn & Pluto, a strong alignment influence for next 2 years). We are invited to a powerful re-set.


It’s a time of new beginnings. A time for clearing and a time for dreaming.  A time where imagination, vision and intuition are heightened (Sun-Neptune alignment). A time to source wisdom from Earth and Cosmos and our heart-knowing (7 planets in feminine/yin signs).


Earth energy is very strong at this time  (5 planets + north node + eclipse all in Capricorn). Capricorn calls us to invest in structures (in the outside world and within) – both in the dismantling and in new creation – on a deep and vast scale. We have strong support for grounding, focus, discipline, persistence and perseverance. Momentum for action and change is increasing (all planets direct once Uranus moves direct tomorrow) and, with Capricorn gifts, we will find it much easier to stay focussed and on task.


This Moon dark-new is a gateway to a renewal of strength and Spirit and is made more potent and magickal with the eclipse influence. In Capricorn we are called to seek the deepest, most fertile Earth for our seeds. In the next 1-2 weeks we are called to clear away, set boundaries to prevent distraction, and set intentions to manifest big, far-reaching, practical and tangible visions that are aligned with Spirit, passion and compassion. Journey with SeaGoat deep into the oceans and up to the mountain top. Connect with the Earth’s gifts and find harmony in hir beauty.


At Moon dark-new we are immersed in Earth
time to shape a visionary rebirth


From mountain top to the depths of the sea
Seek the wisdom of strength and serenity


Craft your aims from heart and bones
Align with Earth-Cosmos’ tones


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you envision, hone & manifest new ways of doing and being this Moon



 *And  just a bit of additional guidance for this time …

Rest in and be still.

Feel into the wondrous gifts and support of Earth.

Tap into the strength and steady, empowering influence of SeaGoat.

Draw energy and inspiration from the new momentum emerging.

Clear space and begin to create new foundations.

Feel into stone and bone and all that emerges green from Earth.

And tap into Fire and Water too/

Make time for a warm, scented bath and luxuriate in your Earth form.











IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: baby Goat:  cut & modified image  from You Tube  Goat cluster: Cut & modified photo found in Funky Junk