Wisdom Wild | Moon Dark-New in Aries


Moon Dark-New in Aries

11 Apr 2021, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Moon Dark-New (exact 210411 @1931 PDT) in Aries


… courage, determination, bold vision… 


Moon dark-new reminds us that there is always an opportunity to begin anew. She offers the powers of regeneration, renewal and rebirth, powers that are significantly heightened by Aries energy (5 planets in Aries including both Sun & Moon). As the first new Moon of the astrological year, it’s a time to set clear and direct intentions not just for this cycle, but for the long term. It’s time for a fresh start. Time for visionary transformation and new beginnings.


Aries energy fuels the Fire for movement and change; brings excitement and possibility; reawakens our sense of purpose; enlivens our Spirits; and empowers our inner warrior/champion. The call for action and for making/choosing new is very strong. It’s a time ripe for new ideas, new insights, and new inspiration. Aries brings passion, courage, confidence, boldness, conviction, determination and a strong will. Whatever hampered is now burned away. We are urged to heal old wounds (Chiron influence) and to forge new ways. New perspectives are eager to be born (Merc in Aries) and translated into action. It is a time for bold intentions and daring new visions.


Yes, there are some configurations that may set emotions whirling and challenge our energy levels (square effects). Yes, these effects may feel heightened in some ways by the ongoing ‘pandemic fatigue’ and related stress, uncertainty, and feelings of vulnerability that often arises from same. Now, however, in concert with Firey Aries energy, these same configurations provide deep cleansing (Venus-Pluto +recent Chiron crossings w/ Merc, Venus & Sun); increase our sense of aliveness (Venus-Pluto SQ); heighten motivation for action (Venus,Sun &Moon all SQ Pluto); enhance inspiration and imagination (Neptune-Mars SQ); and strengthen passion, desire, courage and will (Aries +Sun&Moon SQPluto). It’s a powerful time for renewal and for new, new, new!


It’s time plant new seeds. Time to tune to bliss. Time to remember who we are and what is important. Time to be fearless and bold. Time to step forward into truth, power, beauty and freedom. Time for transformation and rebirth.


Ignite the Fire of Aries within
Time to fuel beginning anew again


As a new born lamb waking in the field
open eyes wide to all that’s been revealed


All is now new under the Sun
Seek a vision for the long run


Time to take new steps upon the Earth
Time to dance your courageous rebirth


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you embrace, embody & ensoul the many gifts Ram brings this Moon,
& may they embolden the visions you hold for the coming year











IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: BabyRams: cut & modified top pair from image at Eurefereum; centre from wikimedia by Keven Law; left & right from Hudson Valley One