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Creature Teacher: Dear Jay

01 Oct 2014, by Fiona in creatures

If you are at all like me in this season under the Moon, there are so many different things to sort, release, reorganize, store away that I find myself moving from one pile to another wondering what to put where (shifting seasons is like that for me) and what to hold my focus upon. But I’ve had a fairly regular visitor these days…


141001_Jay1+2-CROP-whiteCreature Teacher: Chatty Jay


Yes, Jay has been about quite a bit these past few days. Chattering early in the morning; coming by midday and evening, chattering some more. I’ve put almonds and apples out for him. It’s clear he likes the almonds better (perhaps he knows they have more density than apples) but he does have a nibble at a piece of apple now and then- (perhaps it’s dessert ;)).


Jay teaches about the proper use of power and the ability to link heaven and earth. Jay reminds us to tap into the energy of both to gain knowledge and wisdom. This is a call to go as far and as purposefully as you can. To boldly and courageously express your gifts.


What a great messenger to have visiting at this time. May Jay’s wisdom guide you to


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light