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October New Moon

07.10.2013 in moon&sky, self-care, theme, turnings

Hello Dear Ones, Welcome October New Moon! The gifts of the new moon are so many. Time in the dark of the void with light re-emerging in next days. I so love the new moon. . . And this moon calls for a Reset. Messages…

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Mabon – Fall Equinox

22.09.2013 in moon&sky, turnings

Blessings and Dreams Dear Ones, Today in the Northern Hemisphere it is Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox, occurring at the edge of the Harvest Full Moon. In the prior days of waxing to full, the fullness, and these 3+ days of the strength of this Moon,…

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Lammas Blessings

01.08.2013 in elemental, turnings

Hello again Dear Ones! Yup, me again; 2nd post in one week. Well, sometimes the patterns and seasons are like that. The StarT was a special pattern and today is Lammas, a seasonal festival and  an occasion I am moved to send out blessings. For…

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July begins…

02.07.2013 in theme, turnings

Hello Dear Ones! ‘Tis July and sunshine has arrived here! Yippee! :) . . . “Summer time and the living is easy… “. . . I’m still working towards getting a website up and audio/video technology aligned to serve so still in these by-hand emails….

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Happy Spring!

20.03.2013 in turnings

Hello Dear Ones! Ostara-Spring equinox occurred (officially) at 0402h PDT today in the Northern Hemisphere. A balance, a turning. May you feel the resurgence within you! I wish you the all the best and send more Ostara messages here <NB: best viewed on 15″+ screen>…

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Wishes of Imbolc

03.02.2013 in turnings

Hello Dear Ones! Imbolc occurred (officially) at 0757h PST Sunday. I have been ‘tending the fire’ and so this message comes out-of-time and yet still in time of the Imbolc resonance. I wish you the all the best and send more Imbolc messages here: <NB:…

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