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1stQ Moon-Take Flight

07 Apr 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting of this First Quarter Moon (@ 0131h pst), half-lit and waxing.


HalfWax_pinterestEDITx385The first of two eclipses is little more than a week away. Things are speeding up, labour is underway and ‘birth’ is imminent.


The influence of the rare Cardinal Grand Cross is already felt and it is building, as it has been over these past few months; it will be exact in about 2 weeks. (Remember, this pattern only occurs each 26,000 years so this is indeed rare and opportune).


So much going on and so fast, even the most grounded folk are feeling some disquiet. The cosmos is pushing hard for change. Lots of things are bubbling up, rumbling, tumbling. Anything out of alignment is (and should be) targeted to be shifted, torn down, and realigned or recreated. It is a natural part of change. Energy needs to realign from old to new ways of being, and yes, there can be some discomfort in that shifting. Notice, breathe, step into the flow.


It is a time of excitement and fear, often in equal measure, or perhaps together since sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which. Know that loving Venus and healing Chiron (conjunct Pisces, a supportive sextile to Pluto and flowing trine to Jupiter) provide support for self healing and maintaining stability through these roller-coastering waves of change. Are you ready?


Reflect on the sparks and lights that emerged during your dark moon dreaming. What inner truth and wisdom wants to be expressed? What must be released, changed, adjusted or created to support this expression? Be clear about what does or does not serve your heart’s desires and you greatest good. What do your intend for this and the coming cycles?  Engage deeply in the questioning.


As Moon waxes , it is time to take action aligned with your intentions. Time to grow into the next octave of Being. Laser your focus and strengthen your commitment with courage. Use emotions to fuel and empower movement. Yes, there’s lots going on. Focus on what’s just ahead, one step, one thing at a time. Surrender to it. Whatever happens, open your heart and hands to receive healing and transformation, and invite new forms.


Take guidance from Moon half-lit calling us again to attend to balance. Make it real, here and now. Be watchful about doing or taking on too much. Take time to ground every day. Time for being with you, tuning in and connecting to your heart and the truth of you. Time for pause, for self-loving, self-caring action. Time for breath, time for play, time for walks, time for whatever grounds and connects you to you and to divine source within and beyond.


Imagine Paradise!


Nurture your Nature
Wisdom Wild
with Love and Light

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