Wisdom Wild | 1stQ in Sagittarius & other midpoints


1stQ in Sagittarius & other midpoints

10 Sep 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

160909_comp1-merge-crop_x385 Welcome half-lit Moon
(exact @ 0449 pdt)
waxing in Sagittarius


& Jupiter into Libra
(@ 0418 pdt)


Ground, gather, aim, release


A blended form of tale this day…


In the midst of much head+heart+hands activity, the body sometimes just takes over and checks out for rest. This is what happened last night: when I paused in this writing for a moments rest, it became hours of sleep instead. And so this message comes in later and a bit differently. Changing times ;)


My world of late has been very full, focussed in the now moment and on moving. Pausing to reflect I see shifts and changes, moment to moment, dancing back and forth: high-low, encouraged-frustrated, excited-calm, energized-tired, certain-uncertain, known-unknown, appearing-disappearing, beginning-ending. A dance with the powers of mutability (currently 7 planets in mutable signs – including Saturn & Neptune which forms the last of three squares tomorrow).


In the last few days, the moments, and the moments to moments, have felt rather magnified or somehow exaggerated. It seems so at least as I notice the roving of my critical eye and an increased desire for things to be ‘right.’ I shift again, into the now moment, and hold a positive frame. Ahh, yes, Jupiter moves from detail-critical Virgo to Libra balance.


And here we are now with waxing half-lit Moon in Sagittarius. Jupiter has joined Venus in Libra (the balance). We are at about the halfway point of Mercury retrograde period; and at the midpoint between eclipses. Energy at poignant moments, shifting and building. Time to feel into the between and ground in balance.


Move into the place of your confidence and the source of your loving flow (Moon in Sag). Release all doubt and fear, and embrace the beauty and bounty of you. Root deeply in Earth and receive nourishment. Gather your powers and encourage your seeds to emerge into manifest Being. Now is the time.


Find the points within the web that
connect the threads that keep you fed


Find too the lines than anchor you
in light and grace and balance
and ground the beauty and the bounty
in all you choose now to enhance


By sea and river, lake, pond and stream
imagine in your heart’s fondest dream
Breathe deep of the refreshing air
and send forth all of your loving prayers


At beach, in meadow and in forest glen
step forth into your own personal zen
From this place now bring into form
that for which you were uniquely born


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you embody deep ground, energized connection, and empowered fire this waxing Moon.





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Main Image: Archer: Sculpture by Pierre LeFaguay | Jupiter from University of Manchester Centre for Astrophysics |