Wisdom Wild | 1stQ in Cancer


1stQ in Cancer

13 Apr 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky


Greetings of the waxing half-lit Moon
(exact at 2059)
in Cancer.


Half-lit Moon invites us to pause; check-in with ourselves and our plans; and make whatever alterations may be necessary to re-balance.


First Quarter Moon in Cancer brings both emotions and boundaries to the forefront. It can be challenging to bring visions into form as we move from the ethereal to the material. Cancer guides us with emotional signals to inform the boundaries that are needed to stay the path. Do not hide. Now is the time to stand in the light and be seen for who you are.


The energy in the next while may be a bit push-pull, stop and go. Movement forward is supported by fire energies and the waxing Moon. The draw to step back and go within comes from both Cancer – wanting calm and quiet and, really, to just sleep in – and from planet retrograde energies current (Saturn and Jupiter) and upcoming (Mars and Pluto retrograde April 17, Mercury near end of month).


As usual the half-lit Moon activates and brings seeming opposites up for review. It’s time to find a stop-go beat that nurtures our movement both out in the world and within. A time to listen for the thrumming of our hearts and of Earth. A time to keep time with the rhythm resonant with both inner knowing and outer expression.


Stand in the light of the waxing Moon and shining stars
with courage, kindness and faith in all that you are.


Bring forth new stories born of the fire
Find the rhythm that resonates with all you desire


Move your body, heart and mind with the beat
Dance in the flows of the cosmos and in the ground beneath your feet


Feel the dream as it weaves into the form
All you imagined truly now being born


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


May your heart dance to resonant rhythms of dreams and forms!


IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
crab: cut & modified from image of a hermit crab in a different shell; source NA | shell: cut from Age Trail Stones & Fossils