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Waxing Moon Half-lit in Gemini

22 Feb 2018, by Fiona in moon&sky

180223_COMP1-merge_x385Greetings of the Waxing Moon Half-lit (exact 180223 @0009 PST) in Gemini


—  feeling, flowing, understanding


An abundance of Water energy invites us into feeling, floating, flowing and dissolving. We are guided to ride the waves, become the ripples reflecting Light, and open to receive a flood of compassion and heart-felt understanding. Many portals into intuition and imagination are available now (5/6 Water planets in Pisces).
It is a very powerful time for creative endeavors.


Moon in Gemini asks us to integrate all that arises. There may be more stimuli and a pull towards mental-sorting, logic and analysis – especially on the heels of our recent times loaded with Aquarius energy. Such activity isn’t very strongly supported at this time. The challenge now is to synchronize all the detached mind-work of our time in Aquarius, with the feeling and spiritual calling of Pisces.


Let mind (Gemini) and Spirit (Pisces) swirl together like spiraling fish. Delve into the Waters and let heart-made intentions take form. If the Waters churn, tune to peace and stillness; ride warm currents wherever they are found.


With moon half-lit it is time to pause &
review all you wish to create and cause


Bathe in the waxing moonlight
Under water seek new insight


Flow in and dance with the Twins
Be willing to release your skin


Dissolve into the vastness and deeply sense
the unity of your natural essence


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light

May Water’s abundance, beauty and ever-changing nature reside within you
this Moon & always











IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Twins: cut & modified photo of sculpture in Boise. Sculptor: Idaho artist David Clemons | Fish school: modified image found on World Oceans Day

  • Pam Pollock Reply

    Thank you for your message of taking time to reflect on where and how we want our journey to proceed. Love the picture.