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Waxing Moon Half-Lit in Cancer

12 Apr 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Waxing Moon Half-lit (exact @ 1206 PDT) in Cancer


 … intention to action;
challenge & opportunity  


Moon half-lit asks us to pause, center and find balance. In Cancer we are called into feeling, caring, and compassionate action towards others and ourselves (strongly supported by 3 other planets in Water signs + Neptune, Venus & Mercury alignments in Pisces). Together Moon and Sun bring emotional energy (Cancer) and activity (Aries). It is time to turn intention to action.


Elemental energies continue to pull us toward Fire, Earth and Water interests: action, boldness, determination; safety, stability, sustainability; compassion, insight and imagination. They may draw us in different directions simultaneously and, along with some intense/tense alignments in the skies this week (esp Cardinal T-square), we are provided with both challenge and opportunity. Yes, we are called to to weave a harmonious balance.


There’s potential for big shifting towards actions that lead us to the highest versions of ourselves. We are well-advised to go slow (Capricorn influence) and deep (Jupiter-R); pause for take a focussed breath often; and pay special attention to how we organize our time and energy. In our favour, imagination and creativity are high (Venus-Neptune); we are more motivated towards practical action (Sun-Saturn); and, by Sunday, harmonious energy, optimism and high spirit flows in (Sun-Jup).


At this Moon it is time to check the integrity of our intentions, and to initiate ‘on track’ actions. We are encouraged to go deeper to find inner resources, strength, and calm we have not yet realized. It is time to find a nourishing balance between work and rest; and to both appreciate and challenge ourselves in the process. Most of all, it is time to invite in all that is beneficial to you and Spirit and All.


At Moon half-lit it is time to feel in
to all to which you feel akin


Time to move slowly and attentively
Strengthen intention-action integrity


Time now to create form under the stars
Embody your Spirit and all you are


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you move forward with courage, strength and Love
& may you deeply trust & cherish all you Be








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