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1st Quarter Moon

01 Oct 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

P1040384_CROPwTxt_x385wGreetings of the First Quarter Moon!


What a beautiful crisp Moon appeared in the sky last night!  The 1st quarter Moon here already and one week from now a full moon eclipse!  (1st of two this month)




As always the half-lit Moon calls attention to balance.  As the Moon waxes, it is the time to pursue action with intention and will.  Keep in mind the eclipse in just one week away. Lunar eclipses are about bringing truth to the surface, getting rid of the worn and attending to new ideas and growth.


What are you working on to release? What are your new ideas and plans for growth? Hmmm…


This season of the darkening will also pull us more and more inward; a different kind of preparation.  Do find ways to give expression to  these inward  journeys during the waxing Moon.


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light

PS And I’ve been gifted visits from CreatureTeacher Jay. Check Jay’s wisdom in the next post :)