Wisdom Wild | Half-lit waning Moon


Half-lit waning Moon

08 Jul 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150708_COMP1-merge-CROP_385Welcome the half-lit waning Moon (exact at 1324 pdt) in Aries


“ I Am” says Aries Moon.


She calls us to make visible all that we are at the core of the heart-truth of ourselves and our desires.


There is an urgency to this call (Moon square Sun-Mars conjunction)
and much power as well (Moon square Pluto).


Allow the magic of you to flow.


Moon half-lit and waning invites us to more fully embrace that which makes us shine, and to let go of the dust and chaff revealed by the full Moon as we enter the deepening.


Mercury entered Cancer today (1048pdt) and brings a shifting to more sensitive and inwardly attentive energy. Perception softens; intuition heightens; mind and heart merge together as one. We attract quality now and we breathe more instinctively into the feminine dark.


Yes, as Moon wanes it is time to clear away and finish up what has been done. It is time to slow down. Time to be nourished by the waters  and rejuvenate in the restful dark.


Breathe in the Moonlight
and embrace the graces you hold
Release old restrictions and
Let your magic unfold


Into the Light and the deepening dark
golden and rose shine your heart star
receive now Water blessings
sweet gentle and kind
Take time now to
Nourish all that you are.


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light

Wishing all sweet rejuvenation in the feminine dark