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Beauty Focus 5: wholeness

16.02.2015 in reflections

Beauty Focus 5   The almost last sliver Moon greeted the pink dawn sky. Just one day until Moon Dark.   Today I choose the Beauty of whole systems as my focus.   I wonder what new sparkles and whispers may appear deep in the…

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Beauty Focus 4: Lightness

15.02.2015 in reflections

Beauty Focus 4.   A sliver of the waning Moon appeared in the dawn sky and has now vanished in the clear blue sunny day.   It is the releasing time.   I choose as my Beauty focus this day, the Lightness of Being. Air,…

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Beauty Focus 3: Earth

14.02.2015 in reflections

Beauty Focus 3. Moon is less than 25% lit. Time to begin slowly spiraling into the land of Moon Dark, grounding in Earth Truth of you What heart-warm wonders is your spiral walk opening this day?   [Art by Spencer Byles]

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Beauty Focus 2: Fire

13.02.2015 in reflections

Beauty Focus 2   Yesterday I called to the Beauty of deep Water. Today the Moon is in Sagittarius and I attend to the Beauty of Fire: Flame,  Sun and Stars,  the  fuel and substance of Heart Fire. What is your Beauty focus this day…

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Beauty Focus 1: waters

12.02.2015 in reflections

Yesterday at LastQ Moon I encouraged you to focus on beauty. I decided to choose a few beauty pieces over the next few days as a practice and  a ‘reminder’. Today the Moon is still in Scorpio, the sign of deep waters. Today I choose the  Beauty…

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