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Creature Teacher: Bear

15.07.2015 in creatures

Creature Teacher: Black Bear     Young Black Bear has appeared in my garden these last 3 days. Hir presence reinforces Moon’s call to move inward. Bear is tied to Moon through hir association with the subconscious and unconscious, and with Diana, a Moon goddess….

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Creature Teacher: Weaving Spider

18.04.2015 in creatures

Creature Teacher: Spider Weaving.   Three spiders greeted me today, small, dense, black, and soft-furred. They appeared on ceiling, window and in protected corner. Their positions opened doors to reflection.   Spider is associated with the energy of creation, and of the spiral form that…

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Creature Teacher: Enki

11.04.2015 in creatures

Creature Teacher: SeaGoat – Enki Today the Creature Teacher that calls to speak is a mythical one with the head and upper body of a goat and lower body and tail of a fish. Over 4000 years old, this symbol represented Enki, the Sumerian god…

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Creature Teacher: Crab

27.03.2015 in creatures

At this 1st Q Moon in Cancer, Crab wants to ensure we are secure and protected; and that we receive and express compassion and sensitivity. Crab advises us to soften our gaze and look into invisible realms. As zodiac mother, Cancer asks for us to nurture…

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Creature Teacher: Dear Jay

01.10.2014 in creatures

If you are at all like me in this season under the Moon, there are so many different things to sort, release, reorganize, store away that I find myself moving from one pile to another wondering what to put where (shifting seasons is like that…

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Creature Teacher: Hummingbird

02.09.2014 in creatures

Creature Teacher: Hummingbird   Here it is the season where migration begins. Already small flights of geese are honking their goodbyes. The hummingbirds too fly to greet warmer climes and southern spring, but many of the Anna hummingbirds, the northern most hummingbird, will stay. Ah…

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WisdomWild: WildCat Being

05.07.2014 in creatures

WisdomWild: WildCat Being   Like Wild Cat stretched out in all-present repose.   At full ease in Being Alert in all senses Relaxed and ready all ways to create and take action and then be still again   May this way of presence fill you…

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WisdomWild: Bee Hums

28.05.2014 in creatures

Dear Honey Bee,   Let me drink the sweet honey of life with you   and fly with wings they call impossible   Like you, let me carry sweet pollen as life blessings to others.   Let the humming purr of wings keep my home…

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WisdomWild – Crow Caws

14.05.2014 in creatures

In this time when we are again called to balance and meld opposing impulses, the caw of Crow invites remembering.   Crow, fascinated with her own shadow. Crow who knows creation mysteries and is keeper of sacred law. Crow, master of being in two places…

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Wisdom Wild: Penguin Sweetness & Strength

28.04.2014 in creatures

This week it was Penguin that came courting. Penguin is the deepest diving bird in the world. Given all the deep diving that’s been going on, it is no wonder Penguin should visit. Sweet, gentle, strong. Can stand tall in strong winds. Powerful protector of…

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